Way Cool Wednesday – 4 May 2016

Hello you wonderful people, and welcome to another edition of Way Cool Wednesday! We’re gonna head straight into this time, so unencumbered by unnecessary stalling, here we go …


Den of Geek

Now, I grew up in a house where my Dad pretty much controlled the TV outside of the odd little snippets that we could get in. That wasn’t as bad as it sounds, we could always ask to tape something (yup, on VHS), we just had other things to do. One thing my Dad seemed to put on a lot was Sci-Fi. As a result, Star Trek: The Next Generation was and still is one of my favourite Sci-Fi shows (the others including the Battlestar Galactica remake and Farscape). This particle posting from Den of Geek gives a pretty good selection top ST:TNG episodes. Whether you know the series and want to compare your own list, or you’re not acquainted with the show at all, it’s well worth a read.



MIYAVI – the guitar samurai here plays the stonkingly fun Horizon, a song that remains one of my most played tracks. There was a time in my youth that I wasn’t overly sure about Miyavi, but after I heard ‘What’s My Name?’ in more recent years, I kinda fell in love with his music. Horizon here I really thought should have been a bigger hit over here, it would have been a great club track.



Savestate is a webcomic about two video game loving siblings, Kade and Nicole, and their misadventures and friends. Now, the first thing you’ll probably notice is that the characters are anthros. Some of you may even cry, ‘Oh No! Furries!’ Here’s the thing though. If ever there was a good example of a furry site that isn’t heavy of the stuff that people tend to associate with the fandom (i.e. the adult material), this is it. The webcomic has some genuinely laugh out loud moments (such as the flashback page linked to above), and is a generally good natured piece of work. I really do implore you all to check it out and give it a shot. It may surprise you!

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