Way Cool Wednesday – 19 April 2016


Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to another edition of the positivity barrage that is MDM’s Way Cool Wednesday! So, I may make this a weekly thing, or I may switch it to fortnightly, I’m honestly not sure yet. The main thing is, I want these posts to be a cool little mid-week boost for people as we hit eye of the storm of most people’s work week. I may even start linking to them on my Twitter account with some sort of hashtag like #WCW or #WCWed or something. Anyway, let’s get this show on the road …



Hoaxes.Org – Paul Is Dead  /  Beatles Bible – Paul Is Dead

OK, so that’s more than one website, right? And neither of them are called ‘Paul Is Dead’. So what is this about exactly? Well, most people will have heard of British rock band, The Beatles. By the same token, if you’ve heard of The Beatles, you will likely have heard of their bass player, Sir Paul McCartney. From around 1969, rumours started circulating that Paul had died and had been replaced in the band by a look-a-like. There have, of course, been similar stories that have surfaced since relating to other artists, but I really wanted to focus on this one because I like The Beatles. The thing is, I like a good conspiracy theory, be it logically thought out or completely barmy. This particular one straddles the line between both of those things masterfully. You can see a run-down of how the story began in the first link along with a sample of ‘clues’ relating to Paul’s death. The second link has a more comprehensive list of the things that people have suggested point in this direction. Give it a look in, it’s a fascinating little story.




This is a fair bit different to the last two that I posted in that it’s a selection of watercolour painting depicting a fictional Dad and Daughter. This may not fit everyone’s idea of cool, I am aware of that, but from my own standpoint a Father to three Daughters, I found it to be really sweet and heart-warming. Enjoy the sweetness!



I have never been the biggest Nightwish fan. In part this is because when they started gaining notoriety, they were rammed down my throat by a friend and that left me reluctant to check them out. Then, when I did check them out, I found that I liked the material but was not overly fond of Tarja’s voice. I know, I know, sacrilege, right? Then Tarja left the band and Anette Olzon joined and … I still wasn’t entirely sold. Then Anette left and they recorded a DVD at Wacken Open Air Festival 2013 with yet another new singer, Floor Jansen. This is the final song from that performance. I love Floor’s voice. Honestly, I think she’s a great fit for the band, and this particular track has a beautiful level of pomp to it. Oh, and it has a great chorus melody to boot!

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