Blog Post: The Ghosts of Projects Past

Hello again you wonderful people! So this week has been a bit hit and miss for me in terms of most things pertaining to the real world. But you know what? That doesn’t matter. Today, I want to do give you all a little snippet of various projects of years gone by.
So, I like to be creative, and how this has manifested has changed a lot over the years. What this means though is that, somewhere in the annals of the internet (and various hard drives), there are loads of examples of me doing all sorts of stuff. So where do we begin with this malarkey?

If you’ve ventured into the ‘about’ page of this very site, you’ll know that I used to wrestle. And ya know what? Footage of said escapades are scattered about all over the place! I really want to get more footage available in one place, but for now, I’ll give you all a few music videos that feature me.
In this first video, I can be seen in the second match featured. I’m the guy wearing the blue and white spandex. This was during my heel run as Tad ‘The Skank’ Trussell:

Video number two was my second to last show before retirement and saw me using my secondary gimmick, MAREBITO. I’m the masked guy in the first match:

Did you know that I like to sing? No? Well, I do! Way back in 2007, my brother Jim (seen here with the guitar) was playing a charity gig called Oxjam, and invited me on stage to perform a duet of ‘Psychopomp’ by The Tea Party:


So there you have it … a glimpse into the past! I hope you all enjoyed this trip down memory lane!

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