Blog Post: Anime that deserved another season

So I finally got around to writing a follow-up to my ‘Manga that never became an Anime’ article. This time, we delve into Anime that never got a fair crack of the whip.

The concept here is similar to the aforementioned article about Anime that never was. Like me, you’ve probably been in the situation where you’ve watched an Anime and decided that it was just so good that you had to hunt down the second season, then found that … there wasn’t one. Below are four of mine.

dogs 1Dogs: Bullets and Carnage: I’m starting with this one because the source Manga is one of two series that I get genuinely excited about seeing come up for pre-order (the other being listed immediately after this one). Penned by Shirow Miwa, Dogs is a seinen series that started life a six part short called ‘Stray Dogs Howling in the Dark’, then went on to become the ongoing dark sci-fi noir tale that it now is. The original OVA was released in 2008 and covered the original six part series that was designed to introduce the four man protagonists: genetically modified albino gunslinger Heine Rammsteiner, chain smoking information broker Badou Nails, female sword wielder Naoto Fuyumine, and aging retired assassin Mihai Mihaeroff.

The problem here is twofold. While important parts of the overall tale, the original stories are by far the weakest chapters of the story. To top that off, the four episodes that were made appear to have a far lower budget than you would probably expect. The result of this is that you get something decidedly average to look at that only touches the tip of the iceberg. For an example of this, check out THIS AMV. The series is now over 100 chapters into the main story, and so it’s not like there’s a lack of material to adapt. Unfortunately, the books being criminally underrated makes it unlikely that we’ll see another run at the show. This being the case, I recommend that you check out the books that are available now and immerse yourself in what we have.

D-frag castD-Frag!: My original review of this rather surprising seinen comedy can be found HERE. As the main details of the show can be found there, I won’t go into too much here other than to say that the first season and the subsequent ‘Shrine Water Arc’ OVA cover the first 23 (I think) chapters of the Manga, meaning that there’s a lot of additional material that could be drawn upon.

Given the popularity of the series (in both Anime and Manga form) and the release of the OVA, there is every possibility that we may yet see another run of D-Frag! The source material is still in its relative infancy compared to a lot of others and it’s certainly barmy enough to keep drawing people in. That being the case, I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one. Until then, have THIS AMV.

gsc 1Gunsmith Cats: Another title, another seinen series … I’m beginning to see a pattern here. Anyway, out of all those on this list, this is the most unlikely to get another season. Why? Because Anime is used a tool to sell the Manga. The original Gunsmith Cats Manga series finished in 1997 and the second in 2008. While the huge gap between seasons of the manga would indicate that another series could happen, the fact is that the second series of the Manga tied up all the loose ends and left no need for another story. That being the case, there’s nothing left to sell.

The anime itself was an OVA that could be termed ‘filler’ given that it wasn’t a story from the Manga. In truth though, it nails the feel of the source material so well that it really doesn’t matter. You want to see what the feel is? Check out THIS AMV. The OVA is great fun for how short it is, but the story that the two Manga series told is so glorious that it’s a real shame that they likely won’t see the light of date in animated form.

spice wolf 1Spice and Wolf: Honestly, if you don’t know this series, you’ve missed out. Originally a series of Light Novels, this is one of the most original seinen series you could find. Telling the tale of a travelling merchant and his wolf deity companion, the story takes on a long voyage through commerce and slow-burning romance. The Anime ran for two seasons and covered the first five of seventeen books. Given the overwhelming popularity of the series in all forms, it really is surprising that a third season didn’t arrive.

Much like Gunsmsith Cats, Spice and Wolf came to an end, in this case in 2011. With no new material being released, there is little hope of us seeing another season. That is something to be genuinely sad about. Still, what we have is very good. Very, very good in fact. So here’s AN AMV.

So what about yourselves? Do you have any favourites that you thought deserved another season? If so, feel free to comment below.

10 thoughts on “Blog Post: Anime that deserved another season

  1. Strange, I don’t know these anime series at all! Dogs seem to be worth checking out though, I like how the animation looks and the cast looks intriguing.
    I think besides publishers using anime as a way to attract more manga readers, there is also the problem with the cost of animation. Apparently, that’s what happened with Claymore, since they have superb graphics but it costs a lot to produce it that they either had to discontinue or resolve to a lower budget art. I was worried it might happen to Attack on Titan as well, but thankfully they decided to air a second season for that.
    One more series that I wanted to see a continuation of would be Tenjho Tenge, just to satisfy my need for an ending lol. Slam Dunk too, I wanted to know who won. And finally, Kare Kano because that was abruptly stopped and was very frustrating.

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    1. Dogs is definitely one of my favourite manga. It really does make me feel bad that there’s no adaption of what came after the character introductions.
      Claymore I own. In some ways, the character designs made me think of the older stuff I used to watch when I younger. I really liked it as a series, but thought the ending felt a little like they bottled it.
      Slam Dunk and Kare Kano i’m not as familair with but I recall the Tenjho Tenge manga. Was the anime good?
      Attack on Titan I love. It took me ages to get around to watching it as the premise didn’t interest me and it was so hyped up that I was expecting it to fall short. My word it was good though!

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      1. I thought Claymore could have gone on, there is a lot of manga material that seemed suitable for an anime series. It was a shame they stopped.

        Slam Dunk is about a rebellious student who joined the high school basketball team. It’s not the best anime out there, but I grew up with it so I feel like I wanted some closure. Kare Kano is a coming of age shoujo series based again on a high school following the lives of several students.

        I like Tenjho Tenge, action packed with not a dull moment in sight. Animation varies, but the colors are bright and eye-catchy. The fanservice gets awkward at times but I try to ignore it lol. Here’s a sample:


      1. That’s tough, I’d say the top three are Beck, Kuragehime, and Magic Kaito 1412 since those are probably the most unique out fo the bunch and literally only have like not many episodes


      2. It’s really good, and while it does have a sort of ending, it literally stops in the middle of the manga so it’s iritating me so much! And yes, you definitely should. The songs they made are really good and the animation just has that nice appeal to it


  2. Gunsmith Cats was one of the first anime DVDs I ever bought. I loved it so much that I ended up purchasing all the mangas.

    The Spice and Wolf anime is awesome too. I wish they would animate another season. I tried reading the light novels, but it just wasn’t the same.

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    1. Gunsmith Cats really surprised me because I’d already read the first couple of books and wasn’t sure how it would fare in comparison being an original story. I was not disappointed.
      Spice and Wolf though … wow. Such a good series and such a good story. I would absolutely love there to be another run.

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