Blog Post: My Current Projects and Where I’m At …

It’s time for a randomly timed project update! Whoo! Exciting stuff, right? So what will this entail exactly? Well, it’ll basically be a run-down of what I’m currently working on and where I’m at with each one. So let’s get this thing on the road. Or if not the road, then the information superhighway.



The Spark Form Chronicles

WICK is out there and available in both Kindle and Paperback formats. Thus far, the reviews and ratings have been pretty positive (just check out GOODREADS), so that’s a definite plus. Given that the book only covers day one of the Spark Form World Championships though, it’s pretty clear that a second book is coming.

That book is CARNIVAL. As it stands, the first draft for this book is done, and so is the first round of editing. The aim is to have the book ready to go by March 2016. Covering day two of the tournament, the book will answer a lot of questions from WICK and provide the set-up for book three (tentatively titled STARCHASER). Book three? That’s right! Set after the tournament, the book will follow our favourite lesbian Offlander, Fahrn Starchaser, as she traverses the world post-tournament, dealing not only the fall-out of Fahrns’ final placing but a new threat.

In the interim, something else is due out as soon as the artwork is finished: The Spark Forming Rulebook! Designed to act as a companion piece to the series, it will explain the rules of Spark Forming in the style of an actual rulebook. There has been a little interest in me putting something like this out, in some cases due to pure curiosity and in others due to feeling that it would help the readability of the main series. Either way, the goal here is for the print version to be available for purchase and the electronic version to be available for free.

Once CARNIVAL is out, I will also be releasing a compendium of WICK, CARNIVAL and the Rule Book over a wider variety of platforms. As it stands, WICK is only available electronically on Kindle. The reason for this was that I wanted to experiment a little with the Kindle Unlimited system. With the tournament done, I’d like to open the story up to all e-readers. All being well, that would be released around the same time as CARNIVAL.


A new children’s project

With the first round of editing done on CARNIVAL, I’ve made a start of the first draft of a thus far untitled children’s book. It’s aimed at the 9 – 12 age bracket and is a fantasy-horror piece that should sit somewhere between Derek Landy’s Skulduggery Pleasant and Neil Gaiman in style. I’m not giving too much away yet other than to say that I’m about two thirds (ish) through the first draft and am currently at a little under 25,000 words.


Tales of the Winterborn

This was my old webcomic. While somewhat abandoned now, I do want to get this compiled into once big definitive edition. If I can get this one up and running, the book will contain the entire webcomic from start to when-we-stopped, the original print comic (maybe with some tidied up speech bubbles), the short stories and the various notes about the world. It’ll be pretty hefty but hopefully fun for everyone who wants to see where my first foray into internet writing began. When this will happen though, I don’t know.


Short Stories

I came across a bunch of my old short stories. Now, some of these are in pretty rough shape and in desperate need of editing, but others are looking a bit better than I expected. The upshot is that I’m potentially now either working towards a short collection or possibly submitting one or two to online publications and print magazines. Some will be old, some will be new. So Yay.



I had intended to do a Bleach-Nisekoi crossover costume. The idea had been to do a Visored Chitoge Kirisaki. Now, I admittedly had not finished formulating the idea of what her mask would look like, but the first I wanted to work on was the school uniform anyway.

Well … I botched it. Absolutely wrecked the base shirt in fact. It turns out the uniform was not as easy to make as I had first thought. D’oh!

Then … something wonderful happened. When I built my Renamon (Digimon Tamers) costume, that was a big success for me. Renamon is one of my all-time favourite characters in anything so to not only build her, but for it to be such a popular costume was a phenomenal feeling. After Renamon, I had wanted to work on a Sonic the Hedgehog character. I have previously attempted Shade the Echidna (Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood) but failed on the mask. The result of that was that I switched to Celty Sturluson from Durarara! for that convention.

Part of the problem it seems is that Sonic characters tend to have spherical heads. Not entirely of course, they have snouts and so on, but the underlying shape is a sphere. I had very few ideas how to make something with that shape while maintaining some strength in the structure. Now, I think I’ve finally nailed it! By using a hollow Styrofoam sphere that was designed for flower displays, I have a nice, strong underlying shape. I managed to do some marking and cutting and decided on doing Princess Sally Acorn from the Sonic Satam series, but with the modern redesign from the Archie imprint comics. After a lot of hunting around for fleece fabric, I couldn’t get a good match for her … but found a perfect match for Nicole the Holo-Lynx redesign! So why am I using the redesigns? Well … they wear clothes. That means less of the expensive material and more of the less expensive material. It also means I shouldn’t overheat and nearly die like I did as Renamon.



For those that don’t know, THE ARTIFICE is a website that shots articles and reviews for all manner of cool things such as anime, manga, comics, games and so on. I intermittently post articles there and link them to their sister article here on I then in turn link the articles here to the relevant articles on The Artifice. As time goes on, I will continue to post in this manner, with different versions of articles appearing on both sites. Please do check out The Artifice though, as there are some wonderful pieces on there.



I’m working through various different things that I want to review. The joy of having an Animax subscriptions is that I get to watch a lot of anime. You see, my partner and I have two anime nights a week: Thursday sees us watching dubbed anime and Friday sees us watching subbed anime, usually at a rate of two to three episodes on each night. Unless the mood strikes us, it’ll usually be two to three different shows as opposed to two to three episodes of one series. The next one that I review will probably be Persona 4: The animation. I’d also like to do some more comic reviews, perhaps starting with an overview of the IDW run of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.



These will happen as and when something inspires me. Ideally, I want the next one to be a follow-up to the Manga that never became an Anime article, this time focussing on Anime that deserved another series but hasn’t had one yet.


So there you have it. Those are my current projects in their various forms, as at time of writing. There’s other stuff going on as well, but they’re in very early stages so there’s no point mentioning them just yet.

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