Attack on Titan [Anime Review – Dark Fantasy / Post Apocalyptic]

Attack On Titan Shingeko No Kyojin Mikasa Eren Armin
The Three Musketeers


Today’s anime is the hugely popular Attack on Titan, and my word it took me a while to get around to watching this one. When I first read the brief synopsis it just didn’t appeal to me, and that combined with how loudly people were shouting about the quality of the show put me off entirely. That probably sounds weird … It’s just that I often find that if enough people applaud something enough, I end up expecting far more than it actually delivers. Regardless though, I eventually caught an AMV for AoT and decided that it may actually be worth checking out.

Background: The source manga is by Hajime Isayana and runs in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine. The anime is by Production I.G who were of course behind Ghost in the Shell: SAC.

Story wise, the setup is fairly simple: Over 100 years ago, giant humanoids dubbed Titans appeared and decimated the majority of the human race, devouring everyone in their path. What little remains of our species has now retreated behind three enormous walls named Maria, Rose and Sina.

Attack On Titan Shingeko No Kyojin Mikasa Ackerman Fight
Mikasa Ackerman being bad ass

I have no desire to descend into spoiler territory so I won’t go into great detail here, but the story follows three protagonists (Eren Yeager, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman and their friend Armin Arlert) as they head into military training, each with their own reasons for wanting to combat the Titan menace. This all starts with a brief story arc about the three in their youth but quickly moves onto their entrance into the military and as a result the introduction of the supporting cast. Then the city is attacked and all Hell breaks loose.

The Good: From a story standpoint, I really didn’t give AoT enough credit. There’s a lot more going on than I anticipated with a lot of questions raised as to the nature and origins of the giant antagonists, some political intrigue and most importantly, a cast of characters that remain sympathetic while each hitting different tick boxes on the ‘cool scale’. The three leads progress steadily as the series moves along and their various relationships with each other and those around them also develop surprisingly naturally.

Attack On Titan Shingeko No Kyojin Female Titan Annie Leonhart
The Female Titan is one of many fantastic designs in the series

The animation is top notch, but that’s no surprise given the team behind the series. It really is beautifully done though, with the high speed action scenes shining the brightest. If you want a taster then you can’t go wrong with the (really quite awesome) FIRST OPENING VIDEO. For that matter, I’m also going to link to the FIRST ENDING VIDEO, not because it gives a good indication of the overall animation quality (it doesn’t) but because it’s one of my favourite anime ending themes at the moment.

The episodes seemed to speed by, and I often found myself saying ‘no way was that a full episode’ by the end of them. As someone who tends to watch anime by way of a single episode a night, once or twice a week, I am happy to say that the series was good enough that I ended up watching multiple episodes every night until it was over. That in itself is a pretty good recommendation in my book.

The Bad: Honestly, there isn’t a lot that I can put here. I would say though that the series can get pretty bloody at times. Also, if you were expecting a lot of fan service then you’re going to be sorely disappointed. To be clear, neither of these points are negatives to me, but the blood in particular could be seen as such by some.

If I’m going to be nit-picky then I’d say that the second opening and ending themes didn’t work for me. Oh, and the series seemed to end far too quickly … that’ll likely be due to how I watched it in comparison to other series though.

Attack On Titan Shingeko No Kyojin Eren Colossal Titan Fight
When Eren was asked to star in the live action adaption of the BFG, this wasn’t what he expected

Subbed or Dubbed: This will no doubt not be a popular view, but … I only watched the dub. It’s not that I’ve heard anything bad about the subbed version, it’s just that I tend to mix it up with regards to which series I watch subbed and which ones I watched dubbed, sometimes based purely on which audio tracks are available. In this case, I wasn’t expecting much from the series and so put the dubbed version on as it would make it easier to drift in and out as the mood took me. In the end I didn’t drift out at all, but having started it dubbed saw no reason to change. The voice cast do a good job as far as I’m concerned, with Trina Nishimura’s portrayal of Mikasa standing out above the others.

Final View: In summary, I’ve never been so happy to be proven wrong about a series. Great action, likeable characters and surprisingly good story make this one of the best out there. I should say though there is a possibility that the insanely low expectations I had going into the series may have affected my view somewhat.

Final Score: 5 / 5


11 thoughts on “Attack on Titan [Anime Review – Dark Fantasy / Post Apocalyptic]

  1. Same here. Reading the blurb about this anime, it didn’t interest me as much. I was quite in disbelief to watch the buzz around this series. It was only very recently (before this summer started, to be exact) that I decided that I might as well watch it. And I was blown away. It was awesoooooome~ I couldn’t believe that I didn’t watch this anime sooner. I love the manga now, and I can’t wait for next year for the second season’s release. I also agree with you that there’s not much you can put under “the Bad”. Like you said, it’s bloody & violent but I think that it’s a strength rather than a weakness because it just makes the premise more effective and the overall story more gripping. Anyway, keep it up. Cheers!


    1. Absolutely! I think that my disappointment when I watched Gurren Lagaan kinda tarnished overly hyped anime for me, but I’m glad I gave in on this one. The blood really didn’t bother me. When I first started watching anime in my teens, it was all VHS like Ninja Scroll, Akira, Fist of the North Star and so on, so blood was pretty standard. Plus, it wouldn’t make sense to censor this one too much, as it really helps portray the brutality of the world the characters live in.

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      1. I just watched the first episode of Gurren Lagann 2 nights ago. There are quite a number of people who identify Gurren Lagann as their favourite anime, and I got curious as to why. I was kind of disappointed with the first episode, but I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt because I was told that the character development was a little slow.

        And I agree with you. It doesn’t make sense to censor the graphic violence in a series like “Attack on Titan”. The violence is an integral element in the premise.

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      2. I got to episode 7 or 8 and gave up with Gurren Lagaan. Personally, I really enjoyed the first episode but found it wildly inconsistent thereafter. One of the leads had become irritating for me by that point, then the atypical bath house episode came up and gave far too much time to full frontal shots of naked toddlers for my liking…while likely done for comedy, it was too much for me in the end I’m afraid. Who knows, maybe after that it improved and I’ve missed out. I just find that hard to conceive right now. You never know though, you may enjoy the series more than I did. There has to be something there for it to get that much love.

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      3. Ahaha. That’s so interesting. Well, I’m currently not in the mood to resume the rest of “Gurren Laggan” but I’ll return to it again when I feel like it. Well, if you’re already saying that, I’ll just assume that things won’t start picking up within the first 10 episodes. But that’s okay. I’ll give it a chance. And you’re right, I’ll never know if I enjoy this series, too, if I don’t try to watch the rest of the anime.


  2. I haven’t watched One Punch Man for the reasoning mentioned in your opening paragraph. I sometimes avoid shows people rave about out of fear that they will be over hyped.

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