Genre: Horror / Epistolary / LGBTQIA+
Release Date: 2 June 2022
Publisher: NineStar Press
Length: 10,700 words approx
Sex Content: N/A
Content Warnings: Some violence
Keywords: MM, blog posts, urban legend, possession

Tony Cork and Benny Marks were ‘The Princes of UK Paranormal Television.’ Then, while investigating an urban legend for their 2015 Christmas Special, the couple found themselves torn apart by tragedy. Told through a series of blog posts written by the fans that loved them, this is Tony and Benny’s story.

Three murders over three days, the same time every year. These were the final days of the paranormal investigative show, SurReality.


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Matt Doyle © 2022
All Rights Reserved

Thread: Anybody remember that Jackie Taylor show?

Hey. So, I was talking with this guy, and we both kinda remember something about a homeless woman called Jackie Taylor. We thought there was maybe a TV show about her, and the hosts got killed, or attacked, or something. Anyone else remember that, or are we totally misremembering this?

Posted by CRYPT0zoologist

Yeah, Jackie Taylor was an urban legend. They covered her on that old paranormal investigation show, SurReality.

Posted by TedLanza81

SurReality! That’s it! Is it really that old though? I thought it only ended in 2017.

Posted by CRYPT0zoologist

Yeah. Sorry, thought it was from 2001, for some reason. But you’re right, the hosts got kidnapped and one of them went missing. Barry, I think his name was.

Posted by TedLanza81

Benny, not Barry. Benny Marks. He went missing, and so did the show’s audience.

Posted by balkedonawednesday

To be fair, it was a really big deal when it all happened. Hey, CRYPTOzoologist, how’d this come up, anyway? Seems like a pretty niche convo.

Posted by KCrowe

Date talk. We both liked spooky stuff, and kinda remembered being freaked out by the story. The episode was filmed near us, back in 2015, I think?

Posted by CRYPT0zoologist

That was the first episode. Did you watch the follow-up in 2017?

Posted by KCrowe

There was a follow-up?

Posted by TedLanza81

Like Ted said, “There was a follow-up?” I wasn’t a big fan of the show. I remember it being kinda cheesy. I mean, reality TV isn’t real, obviously, but this was all sorts of ridiculous. I only watched that one because it was a local story.

Posted by CRYPT0zoologist

Oh yeah, they revisited it in 2017. It was like a big story arc, right?

Posted by PDUnreleasedOFFICIAL

PDUnreleasedOFFICIAL, I guess you could look at it that way.

CRYPTOzoologist, you seriously don’t remember all the news stuff between the two episodes? Or the murders?

Posted by KCrowe

MURDERS? NO?!?!? What happened?

Posted by CRYPT0zoologist

Wow…A lot happened. I covered it a few times when I blogged more regularly. I think I still have a bunch of archived stuff about the whole mess if you want to see it.

Posted by KCrowe

Wait, wait, wait. Are you Kayleigh Crowe, from Chicken GHOULash?

Posted by xox_stillfalling_xox

I would totally love to see that! It’d give me some good material for date #2.

Posted by CRYPT0zoologist

Mods, can you do something about xox_stillfalling_xox, please? She posts this every time she spots something by me. I haven’t even mentioned the blog for months now. It’s getting ridiculous.

CRYPT0zoologist, I’ll put it all into a readable format and post it up later. Seriously, though, if this sort of thing is good date talk, I think I’ve been swiping right on the wrong people.

Posted by KCrowe

Okay, here it is. I grabbed stuff from a couple of different news sources covering the build-up to the first Jackie Taylor episode, all the way up to…well…you’ll see. Enjoy!

Posted by KCrowe

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