Sasuke 35: Prediction Results

Welcome, one and all, to the results post for my Sasuke 35 predictions. If I were to sum up how I did in one word, it would be badly.
I honestly had no idea how tough that first stage was going to be. Competitors were falling left, right and center, and in the end, only eight people cleared the first stage. That’s a lot less than I predicted!
So, let’s see where I slipped up, complete with my score as we go along …
Shin Sedai

  • Shunsuke Nagasaki – I predicted a resurgence for Shunsuke, and he was going strong to begin with. Unfortunately, he failed stage two again, after taking things way too slow on the spider walk, and slipping off the spider drop. Stage: 0 – Obstacle: 0
  • Yuuji Urushihara – Another competitor that I expected to go far, but didn’t. The two-time champ timed out in stage one on the Soritatsu Kabe, and the frustration was overwhelming for him. Stage: 0 – Obstacle: 0
  • Hitoshi Kanno – I really thought that he’d return to form this year, but in the end, he was one of many victims of the new stage one obstacle, the Dragon Glider. Stage: 0 – Obstacle: 0
  • Jun Sato – Here, I got things spot on. Jun made it to stage three and fell on the Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger, just like I predicted. Stage: 1 – Obstacle: 1
  • Ryo Matachi – I predicted that he’d time out in stage two, but he timed out in stage instead, with the Soritatsu Kabe being a step to far for him. Stage: 1 – Obstacle: 1
  • Masashi Hioki – I said that he’d go to stage three and fall on the new Planet Bridge … and he did. He was on fire this tournament though, and I was really rooting for him by the time that stage three came around. Stage: 2 – Obstacle: 2
  • Tomohiro Kawaguchi – I was really close here. Kawaguchi did indeed reach stage three, but rather than fall on the Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger, he went one better and made all the way to Vetical Limit before falling. Great performance. Stage: 3 – Obstacle: 2
  • Yusuke Morimoto – Another close call for me. Yusuke became the first person to attempt to new – and really difficult looking – final stage, but came up just short after a slip on the Salmon ladder section cost him some time. Stage: 4 – Obstacle: 2

All Stars

  • Toshihiro Takeda – Poor old Takeda was doing well. He wasn’t the fastest, but he was looking strong. Then came the Dragon Glider in stage one. He may not have made stage two like I thought he would, but at least he kept smiling. Stage: 4 – Obstacle: 2
  • Shingo Yamamoto – I felt so, so bad for Shingo. Like Takeda, he was looking good, and I really thought that he may be able to beat the Dragon Glider … but he never made it that far, and took a tumble from the Fish Bone. Stage: 4 – Obstacle: 2

Black Tigers

  • Satoshi Obata – Sadly, despite a great performance last year – which I expected him to at least equal this year – he was yet another victim of the dreaded Dragon Glider in stage one. Stage: 4 – Obstacle: 2
  • Hiroshigi Yamamoto – One of my biggest disappointments this year, he didn’t even come close to my third stage prediction, and in fact failed on Rolling Hill, the second obstacle in stage one. Stage: 4 – Obstacle: 2


  • Drew Dreschel – Drew continued to impress with another powerhouse performance, but came up just short of my prediction. The penultimate obstacle in stage three, the Vertical Limit, defeated him. Stage: 4 – Obstacle: 2
  • Yusuke Suzuki – In a shocker, he failed stage one at the Fish Bone. Stage: 4 – Obstacle: 2
  • Ryoichi Tsukada – After consistent improvements the last two years, he came crashing down shockingly early this time, with the TIE Fighter dropping him in stage one. Stage: 4 – Obstacle: 2
  • Takeru – Another surprising victim for the stage one Fish Bone meant that he failed to get as far as I thought. Stage: 4 – Obstacle: 2
  • Kenji Darvish – Kenji just couldn’t quite catch a break, and time out on the last obstacle of stage two, the Wall Lift, meaning he fell just short of my prediction. Stage: 4 – Obstacle: 2
  • Seiki Takasu – I predicted a second stage fail, but he didn’t quite get that far, as stage one’s Dragon Glider added him to the list of victims. Stage: 4 – Obstacle: 2

So, there you have it. I guessed the final stage correctly for four competitors out of eighteen, and the final obstacle for two. D’oh!
It really was a grueling tournament though, and the fact that so man struggled is testament to that. Well worth a watch if you get the chance.

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