February 2018 Month In Review/March 2018 Projects Update

Welcome, one and all, to the latest Month in Review/Projects Update! There’s a lot going on, so let’s get straight into it.
February 2018 – Top 5 Posts

But that’s not all, of course! This was a pretty busy month for me posting wise, so here’s a list of all the posts apart from the flash book sales:

March 2018 – What’s A-Coming?
Well, there’s certainly a fair bit of variety planned this month! The usual categories will apply, but as a preview, here’s a couple of likely posts in each:

  • WEEK 1: Random Stuff – The X-Files, some art, and my second OWLS post are still to come
  • WEEK 2: Anime – Reviews, challenges, and the first match of Crunchyroll of the Dice 2018
  • WEEK 3: Books – Lots of interviews
  • WEEK 4: Video Games – Spending too long on a game that was awful

Cassie Tam 2 is almost done with editing. Yay! It’s also going to have some back matter/bonus material included. Double yay! I’ll do a proper post about the book once I have things like release dates and covers. I’m hoping to get to my personal edits for Cassie Tam 3 too.
I sold another short story! Look out for a posting about that once the contract is signed!
The first draft of Spark Form Chronicles 4 is done. It’s a little shorter than some may expect, but it’s as long as it needs to be. Again, look out for a proper post about that closer to release.
Loving it. Getting back into the swing of things when I have the time to doodle has been great fun. To the point that I got brave and submitted a piece to an anthology. I’ll let you all know if it gets accepted!
I’m going to work on a cosplay for Tangle the Lemur, a new character in the upcoming IDW run of Sonic the Hedgehog. I actually found some tutorials on how to make a spherical head too, which will be useful. IF I manage to get things set up the way I want, I may do a video making of.
Aaaaaand … that’s about it. Thanks for sticking around everyone, and welcome aboard to the new followers! Fingers crossed it’s an entertaining March.

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