30 Day Gaming Challenge: #10 – Best Gameplay

Welcome, one and all, to day ten of the thirty day gaming challenge! Today’s topic is … best gameplay.
Time_Crisis_II_CoverartHonestly, I don’t have a clue where to even begin with this because it’s so varied a topic. Different types of gameplay work differently with different games. Rather than list hundreds of awesome games though, I think that I’ll go with one, odd choice. Time Crisis II on the PS2. Specifically, when you have the gun to play it with.
There technically far better games out there, but I’ve had a lot of fun revisiting this one recently. When you have the GunCon 2 in your hand, it becomes a breeze to play. The controls are simple, the game is fun, and there are plenty of difficult shots that you can throw yourself at trying to nail.

  1. Aww man: this was such a cool game. I had the gun with this one,and it was so very addictive to continually try and improve your scores. Awesome gane: it almost felt as if you were at the arcades in your living room 😂😂

    1. It really did do a good job of giving you that arcade feel. And as you said, it was addictive. You just get like you wanted to try to I the sir or try to find the odd hidden routes.

  2. I have seen Time Crisis 2 in an arcade, but never actually played it. Due to my terrible aim, I tend to avoid shooting games. I liked House of the Dead (Wii) and Gal Gun (PS4) though.

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